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Blog Archive - 09/2012

  • The Dangers of Pushing Collaboration Too Far

    Michael Sampson is a collaboration specialist based in New Zealand who helps organisations collaborate successfully. He has authored various books on strategies for making collaboration work and will be speaking at Interaction 2012 next Wednesday, […] Read More

    Michael Sampson
    by Michael Sampson 7 years ago

  • New intranet speaker announced at Interaction

    Another huge intranet specialist has been confirmed to speak at Interaction 2012, the London Intranet Conference. Known as the “guru of gurus in the collaboration space”, Michael Sampson is a collaboration specialist based in New […] Read More

    Emma Burgess
    by Emma Burgess 7 years ago

  • What’s filling your intranet pie…….?

    This guest blog is from Kelly Freeman -Internal Comms Manager for Superdrug. In this blog, Kelly gives intranet managers advice based on her personal experience in managing the Superdrug intranet – The Hub on how […] Read More

    Kelly Freeman
    by Kelly Freeman 7 years ago

  • Interact donates money to UK Epilepsy Charity

    4th September 2012 – Interact, a leading supplier in intelligent intranet software has announced that it will be donating money to the UK charity ‘Epilepsy Action’ from ticket sales for its UK intranet conference, Interaction […] Read More

    by admin 7 years ago

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