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Emma Burgess

Top 12 intranet blogs of 2011 written by Intranet managers and independent consultants

By Emma Burgess January 11, 2012

2011 was a great year in the world of intranets – there were more dedicated conferences than ever and there were some riveting debates over Twitter and in various blogs about the future of the intranet.

As we go into the first full week of January we thought we’d list some of our favourite intranet blog posts written by Intranet Managers and Independent Consultants in 2011.

Here is our complete top 12 list, in no particular order:

  1. 6 killer reasons for selling social media to executives – By Toby Ward
  2. What is the worst idea for an intranet you have ever heard – By Richard Hare
  3. Coaching for intranet success – By Stephen Bryne
  4. What message does your intranet send to your staff? By James Robertson
  5. Design your intranet for the new hires – By Guy van Leemput
  6. The intranet: a happiness station – By Bas Zurburg
  7. Intranet strategy needs leaders not managers – By Sam Marshall
  8. 5 tips for building trust on your intranet – By Jonathan Phillips
  9. Four ways Steve Jobs influenced intranets –By Jane McConnell
  10. You shape your intranet. Thereafter it shapes you – By Sharon O’Dea
  11. Multiple Language Intranets By Martin White
  12. How to increase productivity in the digital work place – By Gerry McGovern

What are your favourite blogs of 2011? Share your thoughts below:

Emma Burgess

Emma Burgess

Emma is a creative and strategic Marketing and Communications Manager, with a keen attention to detail. She joined Interact in 2010 and has been instrumental in all areas of the global marketing strategy. Emma writes lots of intranet blogs covering all topics from intranet tips & best practice to updates on events and Interact Intranet features.

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