Interact Intranet Tour : Creating an Essential Intranet with Dollar Finance

Dollar Finance have the worlds Best Social Intranet  of 2014, watch this on demand webinar now to discover how their use of social intranet tools has become essential to their business.

Dollar Finance

How often do you open up business critical decisions to those most affected, your staff? How would you even start to create an open culture for it to work? What tools would you use?

We see a number of businesses where the intranet is heavily used but for Dollar Finance, their intranet is the way they work and make decisions. For example when they needed to decide whether individual stores should open on a Sunday, they did so via an open forum, anybody could comment.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see Paula Kenyon of Dollar Finance share how she achieved this and the tools which made it easy. Dollar Finance have quickly gained a reputation in the communications sector for ingenuity and engagement, Paula will share with you why and how you can achieve this.

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