7 terrifying internal comms mishaps that will spook your employees

The workplace is evolving fast. With new technology constantly available to consumers both inside and outside of the workplace, employees are now expecting user experiences similar to those in their personal lives.

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The frightening truth however, is that many organizations are still stuck in the ghostly past, using old, ineffective methods to communicate important news and engage their  employees.

Watch this on-demand webinar (if you dare!), as we look at 7 terrifying internal comms mishaps that are still going on in today’s workplaces and ways you can overcome them to create a modern employee experience.

We explore:

  • What does poor change communication look like
  • Why leadership visibility is so important
  • The language that gets your employees listening
  • How to make your employees feel valued

Don’t let your internal comms die a death. Watch this webinar for some devilish tips on how to create a better employee experience.

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