5 intranet myths debunked

Internal communications used to be owned by management. If employees actually engaged, responded or commented, it would spark panic in the boardroom. Now employees have a voice, and it’s something to be encouraged.

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In this exclusive webinar, Daren Jennings explores the five most common myths in internal communications. To aid this discussion, we have researched data from over 1.1 million employees across the globe, on 100 million activities in over 850 organisations.

The results have changed the way we understand workplace collaboration and communication and given us the opportunity to dispel common internal communications myths that may be holding you back.

Join us as we explore:

  • The best time to deliver internal communications
  • The impact of hosting on employee contribution
  • Blogging as a collaboration technique
  • Are social posts too risky and should they be monitored?
  • Is intelligent content suggestion just a gimmick?

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