10 ways to make managing your intranet EASIER

Managing a successful intranet can be a constant balancing act.

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When tasked with maximising user adoption, encouraging collaboration and creating a site that fulfils the unique requirements of your business, the role of an intranet manager can often feel like fighting an endless battle.

There’s content to post, permissions to manage, questions to field. Plus, there’s always today’s crisis: getting an urgent message out, fixing a broken widget; whatever it may be.

Join us for our latest webinar which will explore 10 ways to make an intranet manager’s life easier, including:

  • Delivering relevant content
  • Senior management buy in
  • Encouraging group collaboration
  • Maintaining up to date documents

Complete with everyday business scenarios and the tools and quick wins to fix them, this webinar is sure to equip you with some tips to keep things ticking over. Join us for this exclusive webinar on 27th July for some quick win cheats, designed to do the hard work for you.

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