Planning and Deploying a Successful Intranet

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Social collaboration tools can lead to workers who are 34% happier with their workplace culture, while also increasing productivity, engagement and morale. But have you tried to build a business case for an intranet in your NHS organisation, only to be met with resistance from other stakeholders?

Our free in-depth intranet report includes over 10 years of intranet expertise and analysis and will help you:

•Understand how an intranet will help your NHS organisation attract and retain top talent

•Build a business case, outlining advantages across your healthcare departments

•Plan, structure, and manage your intranet to build employee engagement and improve workplace satisfaction amongst clinical and administrative staff

•Implement HR administrative tasks such as absence booking, new starter processes and performance management via your intranet

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"This report is a massive help to anybody launching an intranet. It was an essential tool to us throughout our intranet project."

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