Small Business Intranet Guide

Helping you to grow your business the smart way

Time and resource constraints can be a challenge for any business, particularly a growing one. An intranet can help you to ensure you focus on the areas that matter and offer a way to support employees as their roles and your company evolve.

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Productivity is key to your bottom-line. This guide highlights 9 points to help you to increase your efficiency and effectiveness within your small business. These include:

  • How to combat growing pains
  • Reducing reliance on shared drives and email
  • Streamlining productivity
  • Using cloud to get up and running fast with minimal resource

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"We are very happy with the responsiveness and flexibility of Interact, particularly with implementing suggested changes to the software. It’s quite refreshing dealing with Interact and their friendly can-do attitude. I only wish our other vendors were as easy to work with."

Matt Way, CTO, Vinarco Group