Intranet Design Annual 2016

Tips and ideas for your intranet

Award winning intranets used to be a closed club of large organisations with vast intranet teams and resources. However, Interact has led the way in breaking down the walls of this elite club and enabling anyone with innovation and passion to be a success.

Design Annual

Our free Intranet Design Annual will provide you with over one hundred ideas from this breed of award winning talent which you could try today on your site.

Download this guide and find out:

  • What makes a leading intranet special
  • How your intranet homepage can make your job effortless
  • Tips to make the wow of your user journey last all the way into content and team areas
  • How the language you use is as critical to your success as your imagery
  • Ideas to encourage engaging user generated content

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Interact not only proved to be the best, but the most user friendly, adaptive and intuitive socially collaborative platform I have come across - ever.

Oraine Godfrey

Manager, Digital Communications

Cable and Wireless