Interact and SharePoint Online

Considering SharePoint for your intranet solution but frustrated by its limitations?

SharePoint in its cloud form is a great DMS, however is limited in social and collaboration features favored by communicators. If you’re considering SharePoint in Office365 as an intranet solution, this guide will help you explore:

Interact VS Sharepoint ThumbNail
  • The limitations of SharePoint Online as a viable intranet solution
  • Cost and resource implications for a custom-built intranet project
  • Technical and security considerations of a SharePoint Online project
  • How Interact can serve as an integrated, purpose-built intranet solution to work in harmony with SharePoint Online DMS

Interact offers full social, collaboration and communication functionality in a purpose-built intranet that is not only simple to implement and use, but will offer a fully customizable layer for your SharePoint Online DMS. Download our FREE guide now to understand how.