Healthcare Intranets by Interact: Delivering better patient care

Capturing the power of a social intranet to deliver efficiency, improve staff productivity, and support quality patient outcomes

The healthcare industry is poised for major changes. With employee turnover growing and shift staff feeling overworked, as well as the change from volume based to value based business models, health providers need to maximize productivity and engagement in the coming years.

healthcare brochure

In our new brochure, we explain how Interact Healthcare Edition can not only play a major role in supporting change, but actively contribute towards the achievement of objectives such as:

  • Providing instant access to critical information and documents, facilitating paperless processes and a single version of truth for staff
  • Connecting healthcare professionals across departments to facilitate better collaboration and innovation
  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance and security, while reducing the burden on IT, through strong access controls, autologout, and single sign on (SSO)
  • Simplifying compliance and best practices to ensure the highest possible standards of care
  • Building a strong culture and demonstrating the positive impact your healthcare organization has on the world

With over 10 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, including customers in both the nonprofit and for profit spheres, Interact has a unique understanding of the challenges and goals faced by health providers today. Download our brochure and learn what an intranet can do for you.