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Time and resource constraints can be a challenge for any business, particularly a growing one. Interact is an out-of-the-box intranet solution, hosted in the cloud, that can be up and running within 24 hours and without IT resource. Once set-up, content can be added and updated quickly and easily as Interact has been designed with the non-technical user in mind.

A platform that grows with you

As a growing business you need a solution that support you now and in the future. Interact’s intranet software provides a complete digital workspace that is as relevant from when you’re just starting out to when you’ve got employees across multiple locations. With hundreds of core features, Interact is here to support your growth at a pace that works for you.

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Accessible whenever and wherever you are

When you’re just starting out, you’re working all hours, you may have partners who need to be kept informed, and colleagues across the country who you need to share information with. You need a solution that’s accessible to everyone when they need it. Interact Intranet is a fully responsive cloud solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Interact's cloud option ticks all the boxes: cost-effective, server management, automatic upgrades, community access and support documents. It was and continues to be the ideal solution for us.

Lucy Brown

Operations Manager

Landcorp International

Small business guide

Time and resource constraints can be a challenge for any business, particularly a growing one. An intranet can help you to ensure you focus on the areas that matter and offer a way to support employees as their roles and your company evolve. Productivity is key to your bottom-line. This guide highlights 9 points to help you to increase your efficiency and effectiveness within your small business.

Document management features give you one version of the truth

As a growing business, effectively managing the ever-increasing volume of documents is vital to give you access to the information you need quickly and easily. Interact’s intranet solution provides you with one place to store all your documents, so there’s no need for multiple storage solutions, while the intelligent search function means you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Interact even integrates with One Drive, Google Drive, Box and Drop Box in one simple step, making any content stored with your cloud provider accessible and searchable within your intranet.

intranet cloud integration

As well as saving us from drowning in emails and implementing an effective document management system, Interact has helped us to achieve so much more than we expected.

Mark Morton

Epilepsy Action

Streamline business processes to reduce costs

As you grow, streamlining business processes will improve efficiency and lower costs, free up essential time needed elsewhere and support compliance and audit requirements. Interact Workflow and Forms Manager means paper-based forms are electronic and accessible. It’s so simple and easy to use, and requires no IT resource.

intranet workflow and forms
Small business forums

Gain competitive edge through knowledge sharing

To grow a successful business you need to be quick. Your employees are your biggest asset, so give them a platform where they can share insights quickly, easily and before your competitors. Interact Forums allow your employees to collaborate and share knowledge with ease, reducing duplication of effort and unlocking the potential that lies within your business.

Deliver communications with confidence

As your business matures, it becomes more and more difficult to shout across the office. Colleagues miss the latest piece of news and regardless of the size of the business, internal communications is key to an informed and engaged workforce. Keeping employees up-to-date is easy with Interact intelligence as content finds people, making sure they get the right information at the right time, and are always discovering new content and experts around the organisation.


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