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Powering comms in the digital era

Effective delivery of employee communications across multiple locations, departments and teams is not easy. But with Interact’s intelligent intranet software it’s simple to distribute internal communications online – getting the right messages, to the right people at the right time.

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Stay connected wherever you are

Access your intranet from anywhere on any device, with Interact. Built to be optimised for mobile, with Interact your intranet is available on the go. And with watches and notifications, you don’t need to be in the office to know what’s going on.

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Route the right content to the right people – when they need it most

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Not with Interact. Let content find the right people with Interact Suggests. Through analysis of a user's behaviours and interactions with your intranet, Interact intelligently selects and displays tailored information on their timeline, so key information is never missed.

Improve Employee Collaboration

Our free guide on Improving Employee Collaboration is packed full of helpful advice on ways you can maximise knowledge sharing and productivity amongst your employees. Including tips on how to align collaboration to business objectives, overcoming engagement barriers, and how to best select the right blend of tools for your users, this guide can help you transform the way your business works.

Power to your people

Your workforce is what keeps your business going, which is why it’s vital to keep employees engaged. Social tools within Interact - including Forums, Blogs, and the ability to like and comment on posts - empower your people to collaborate, share ideas and ask questions – giving everyone a platform to have a voice.

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Breaking out of the inbox

Move critical knowledge from individuals’ inboxes and prevent duplication of effort with Interact’s powerful collaboration tools. Bring projects into the intranet with Interact Teams, which provide a platform for communities of common interest, regardless of location or department, and link experts to questions with Interact Answers.

Focus on content, not technology

Technology needs to support not hinder internal communications, which is why Interact is built with users in mind, not IT. Interact’s WYSYWIG editor and selection of over 20 content widgets mean it’s simple to create attractive and engaging content. And because Interact’s user experience is similar to what you will find in LinkedIn and Facebook, minimal user training is required.

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Keep measuring your success

Don’t rely on annual reviews or surveys to see how you’re performing, get real-time insights into who is reading key communications, top contributors and influencers, and popular content and search terms, with Interact Analytics. Share these meaningful statistics with key stakeholders to demonstrate the value of internal communications within the organisation.

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