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Your intranet available on any device, at any time.

Your intranet, on the go

Empower your employees, regardless of location or device. With Interact’s responsive intranet design and native mobile apps for iOS and Android, your critical business information and contacts are at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Truly responsive design

Interact’s truly responsive design means your intranet is available on any device, with no compromise on functionality or user experience.

Native mobile app for iOS and Android

For an enhanced user experience, Interact’s powerful app is designed to connect your staff. Whether you need to keep remote or on-the-go employees engaged, ensure critical notices are read with push notifications or simply find staff with your intranet People Directory, our apps for iOS and Android will support your business.

Connect, communicate & collaborate

Get real-time updates, engage employees and collaborate on the go. View recent posts on your intranet Timeline or share what you’re working on with a status update. Upload images, comment, like and @mention colleagues to bring them into the conversation. With the flexibility of your intranet app on iOS or Android, you can keep in touch – even when you’re out of the office.

Notify users 'on the go' with push notifications

Ensure your employees never miss an important update with push notifications via your iOS or Android app.

Whether it’s an internal security alert, updated compliance policy, or vital health and safety information your employees need to read and acknowledge, you have full control over the content pushed out to your users, even if the app is not open on their device.

Using the Mandatory Read functionality, you can confirm that business-critical updates or time-sensitive information is communicated and read. Interact keeps your business compliant and users informed, no matter where they’re working.

How do you ensure employees read your communications?

effective change communication

Retain control and manage access, securely


Interact’s mobile app for iOS and Android is enterprise ready and designed to work with Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers.

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