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Flexible, attractive and intelligent intranet homepages

intranet homepages

Fresh and relevant homepages that keep users coming back

Your intranet homepage is the internal window to your organisation. As the first place people come to, it’s vital that homepages count by ensuring they contain up-to-date and targeted content, presented in an engaging and attractive way.

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Easy for anyone to build

With Interact's intranet Homepage Manager you don’t need developer support to create your homepage. Build your page using a selection of widgets, drag and drop to move content around, and resize elements in one click.

intranet homepage drag and drop

Adapts to any device

Interact’s responsive design means your intranet homepage is optimised for the device you’re using, whether it’s a PC, tablet or phone.

Adapts to your device

A dashboard of productivity and social

Select from over 20 different widgets to build your intranet homepage. Offering you a mixture of widgets that help with productivity and processes, those that encourage social interaction, and gallery widgets that allow you to display images and photos, with Interact you can build an intranet homepage that is easy to keep up-to-date and relevant.

intranet homepages

Improve Employee Collaboration

Our free guide on Improving Employee Collaboration is packed full of helpful advice on ways you can maximise knowledge sharing and productivity amongst your employees. Including tips on how to align collaboration to business objectives, overcoming engagement barriers, and how to best select the right blend of tools for your users, this guide can help you transform the way your business works.

Created for dispersed workforces

Target communications based on location, or for new starters, to ensure people only see content that’s relevant to them, helping to increase engagement in the intranet and giving employees the right tools and information they need to get their job done.

Dispersed workforces

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