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Fresh and engaging content is key to the success of your intranet. That’s why Interact is built around a powerful, intuitive content management system. With Interact’s CMS intranet, you can empower your non-technical users to create attractive and engaging pages with minimal training.

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Empower your non-technical users

Interact's intranet CMS, which includes a ‘WYSIWYG’ editor, enables users of all abilities to create attractive intranet pages. Add and embed images, include rich media and hyperlinks, or structure and rearrange content using drag and drop functionality. Our CMS intranet makes creating engaging content simple and intuitive.

Intranet CMS

Meet compliance and audit requirements

The ability to flag specific content as ‘Mandatory Read’ and request that users confirm when they have read it, means you can keep a full record of who has read key content such as fire and health and safety regulations, and issue reminders where appropriate.


Planning an intranet?

Our free in-depth guide is packed full of tips and advice drawn from over 10 years of intranet expertise and analysis, to help you navigate the steps to planning, deploying and managing a successful intranet. Download this guide for help understanding how to plan, structure and manage your intranet, tips for successful launch, and how to set targets and maintain effectiveness.

Cross-reference your content with @mentioning

Enrich your content by embedding dynamic links to related documents, pages, people, events, blogs, discussions and forms within your intranet CMS, using the @mentioning linker. Interact’s intelligence means users simply add the ‘@’ symbol, start typing and your intranet does the rest, recommending possible content to link to.

Intranet CMS

Guarantee intranet content will be found

Interact’s intelligent keyword suggestion tool takes the guess work out of how to tag your content by tracking different search terms used within your CMS intranet. Interact will also suggest alternative words and synonyms, and even tell you how frequently those search terms have been used in the last month. With Interact, you get an at-a-glance view of what users are looking for, helping you identify any content gaps.

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