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intranet analytics

Take the hard work out of intranet management

Interact Analytics is a powerful reporting tool that provides invaluable insight into how your intranet is performing. Intelligent insights provided by Interact flag where current issues lie and how you can resolve them, as well as identifying popular content, search terms, and contributors to help build a more effective intranet.

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Your intranet reporting dashboard

Interact Analytics is a dashboard to activity on all areas of your intranet. The simple and intuitive interface offers data at a high level, allowing you to get deeper insights when you need to interrogate data further.

intranet analytics

Rank key information top of search

Best Bets are pivotal to the search experience of your users, allowing you to rank specific content at the top of search results. Interact tracks and analyses frequently-searched terms and popular pages and proactively alerts you by suggesting it as a Best Bet. With a specific tab within Interact Analytics, managing Best Bets across your site couldn’t be easier, giving you a more effective intranet without it becoming a major admin task.

intranet best bets

Plug your information black holes

The ‘failure to find’ intranet analytics report alerts you to the most popular search terms and words that have failed to return any results. This gives you vital insight into what users are looking for, helping to identify and fill information black holes, ultimately increase engagement with your intranet.

analytics failure to find

Know your influencers

Discover who is and isn’t engaged with your intranet with Interact Analytics. Measure the influence your users have on your intranet by scoring them whenever their contributions are liked, shared, commented on, or when they are @tagged. By understanding who your key influencers are, you can turn them into intranet champions to facilitate participation of your disengaged users.

intranet influence
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