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Take the hard work out of meetings

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Discover and manage meetings across your whole organisation

Make your intranet the go-to place to discover and manage events and meetings across your whole organisation with Interact Calendar. Categorise events for better at-a-glance views, limit acceptance based on places available, and integrate easily with personal calendars.

Effortless meeting organisation

Interact allows you to manage your company-wide events via the single interface of your intranet. Set events as open attendance or invitation-only, and limit spaces on open-attendance events to avoid over-subscription and manual attendee follow-up.

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Multiple calendar views

View your calendar by month, week or day, and adapt your working week to fit your organisational requirements, so if your business isn’t 9-5 Monday to Friday, your calendar doesn’t have to be either. Colour coding allows for at-a-glance identification of event types.

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