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An intranet that understands your business

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An extension of your team

At Interact, we help our customers create maximum value from the intelligence that sits within their organisation. We do this by giving them intranet software that’s intelligent. Software that learns their business. That’s why our customers often liken their intranet to a member of the team: one that pretty much knows everything about anything in the business.

Route the right content to the right people

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Not with Interact’s intelligent intranet software. Through deeper analysis of a user's behaviours and interactions with your intranet, Interact will intelligently select and display a list of tailored information on their Timeline, helping uncover information they might not otherwise see.

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Uncover your hidden experts

Interact Answers helps uncover the hidden experts in your organisation. When someone has a question that hasn't already been answered elsewhere on your intranet, Interact will search users' profiles and display a list of those best placed to give an accurate and swift response. And because that information is stored online, it's available the next time someone has a similar query, reducing repetitive questions, and helping build a more informed and collaborative workforce.

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Planning an intranet?

Our free in-depth guide is packed full of tips and advice drawn from over 10 years of intranet expertise and analysis, to help you navigate the steps to planning, deploying and managing a successful intranet. Download this guide for help understanding how to plan, structure and manage your intranet, tips for successful launch, and how to set targets and maintain effectiveness.

Enrich profiles with suggested expertise

Suggest Expertise in Interact helps to build users' profiles by suggesting skills and expertise that can be either added to their own profile, or for which they can endorse their colleagues. A simple, instinctive but powerful way of enhancing your intranet knowledge base.

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Connect your employees across geographies and timezones

Interact encourages employees to network outside of their immediate teams, geographies and timezones by intelligently suggesting other users they may want to follow. Whether it's a related area of expertise or a shared personal interest, by tracking users’ behaviours and interactions within your intranet, Interact gives you more ways of connecting your workforce and breaking down those silos that can hinder productivity.

Intelligent Intranet Software

An intranet that thinks for you

Interact helps take the headache of managing your intranet content, by intelligently suggesting content that should be ranked top of search. If a search against a word or term has led users to a page more than three times in ninety days, Interact will alert you by suggesting it as a Best Bet, allowing you to have an even more effective intranet without it becoming a major admin task.

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