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What's new in
Interact Intranet 7.4

Working smarter, not harder is easy with Interact's latest software release. Offering a number of great new features and enhancements to ensure employees have the right tools to be more productive and effective at work.


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Get organised and optimise your productivity

New Interact Task Management App makes it easy to quickly add, assign and prioritise tasks for simple project, event or day-to-day management. Create tasks instantly from Interacts Top Toolbar or set tasks within Team or Content Areas, offering maximum flexibility in supporting the way you work

Maximise the success of your events using your intranet

Managing events is now even easier with the new Interact Event Calendar that allows you to invite users to an event directly from your intranet and monitor their attendance. This powerful new tool also allows users to download an iCal to add the event directly into their personal work calendars i.e. Outlook and new notifications can instantly be sent to alert the attendee to any event changes.

Get a faster response to aid purposeful collaboration on your intranet

Streamline the way you communicate and collaborate with people by now integrating your intranet with Microsoft Lync 2013, which is accessible via Interact Presence. This new functionality allows you to instantly see who is available to get answers from and supports users in working more efficiently across the company, regardless of location.

Give a good first impression and keep users engaged

Good homepages are essential in ensuring your users engage with your intranet and see it as a critical tool for supporting the way they work. Therefore we have improved many of our widgets with enhancements such as; the ability for users to hover over the Content Widget to display more information for a particular news story or randomise content displayed to help surface information relevant to users and keep your intranet content fresh and useful.

Reveal content that helps people work more effectively

It is now possible to fully customise the content types displayed in the popular Timeline Widget to ensure users only see content that is relevant and useful to their work. For example set up a Timeline to only show activity from the people you follow or why not have one that focuses on Forum conversations to spark collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling better work outcomes.

Seamless access to 3rd party systems

The new Developer Platform makes it easy to create widgets and applications that integrate seamlessly into Interact Intranet; offering a powerful way for you to personalise your intranet to specific company and user requirements. Instantly your intranet becomes a central place for users to access the tools they need to get work done, helping to drive adoption and making it an essential system in your company's success.

Interact Intranet Updates


The Search in Interact is one of most powerful functions and it has now been optimised further to ensure only the most relevant content goes to the top, saving you time and putting all content just a click away.


Intranet Administrators now have the ability to temporarily assume the identity of another user on the intranet, making it easier and faster to test a user's experience on your intranet.


Algorithms that control the Influence Score have been further enhanced and optimised to ensure a score that is reflective of all a user's daily intranet activity and spark better gamification amongst users.


Use the power within your People Directory to search for a particular group of people, using the vast range of filters, and either export their details to a CSV file or email directly from your intranet.


Enhancements have been made to better display a user's contact information in the People Directory, with the option to use a dropdown button to reveal more information if required.


Twitter and LinkedIn buttons can be added to a user's profile page if required, linking to their profiles when clicked.


Our powerful notification engine has been expanded to incorporate collaboration around blogs and to enable faster response to comments.


The Showcase Widget has been improved to allow for greater image manipulation to better profile your content in homepage widgets and to create a great looking homepage.


The Content Widget now has the ability to show content at random selection on your intranet homepage, to help surface information that might be useful to users and ensure your intranet content is dynamic.


Whether you love it or hate it, the NNG reported that Scrolling Widgets are here to stay so we have further optimised ours to ensure it is the best on the market and offers you a great way to maximise the content displayed on your homepages.


Showing images is great to engage users and now you can easily set the Image Gallery Widget to be a manual or slideshow display and control the scrolling speed to create the right user experience.


Back by popular demand you can now show a person's name, job title, department and date of birth (no age revealed - obviously!), using the Birthday Widget on a homepage.