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Interact Intranet offers a number of social intranet tools that are blended with business productivity tools to allow employees to have purposeful collaboration around the way they work – increasing transparency, engagement and productivity within a company.

With a  full suite of easy-to-use productivity and social intranet tools Interact Intranet fully supports people carrying out essential work tasks and ensures communication and collaboration takes place to drive productivity and increase efficiency in the workplace.

As more companies begin to embrace social media it is predicted by Gartner that by 2014, social networking services will replace e-mail as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20 percent of business users and by 2012 50% of companies will benefit from the use of micro-blogging.

In our experience there are a number of benefits that having a social intranet can bring to an company such as; enhanced employee engagement, faster decision making, improved knowledge sharing from all levels and departments to help breakdown company silos, increased innovation, which in turn leads to greater satisfaction in the workplace and this filters through to the customer experience.

Social intranets also need the intelligence layer that Interact Intranet offers to ensure that the right content is pushed to individual users so that they keep commenting and collaborating. By pushing the right articles, forums, blogs to users you have a much better chance of your intranet being a success.

For more information on social intranets download the whitepaper ‘Unlocking the Benefits of Enterprise Collaboration’

All of our clients benefit from our expertise in making sure the right governance is in place from the beginning so that the full benefits of a social intranet can be achieved. This ultimately helps people see the intranet as an outlet for ideas and shared thoughts to help promote people using their intranet to post ideas, start discussions and interact with colleagues.

Here are just some of the social intranet features within Interact Intranet:

Interact Timeline

Make ‘social’ instantly business relevant – the global and content specific Interact Intranet Timeline’s present people with intelligently tailored content that helps them get work done faster and easier.

Learn more about the Interact Timeline

Discussion Forums

The cornerstone of collaboration, making it easy for employees to post questions or comments and hold discussions with their fellow employees. Interact’s Discussion Forums make it simple for employees to communicate, share ideas and collaborate throughout your company.

Learn more about the Discussion Forums

Interact Teams

Breaks down company silos and simplifies group collaboration by providing a single platform for communities of common interests. It allows colleagues to come together and work more effectively, regardless of their location.

Learn more about Interact Teams

Share and Like

These two features enable you to quickly start collaborating on your intranet by either sharing a piece of content with a colleague or liking something which creates a connection between yourself, the piece of content and the contents author.

Comments on documents

Allow other users to easily contribute their ideas, which is a great way to create transparency and drive innovation.


Create a social environment within the walls of your intranet that enables staff to connect in an informal and ‘real time’ environment. This helps establish a sense of community within your company and increases morale.