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Intranet Security and Admin

Intranet security and administration made easy.

Easily manage access to sensitive information by easily assigning permissions and maintain your intranet through its continual development.

Easy to Manage

Controlling permissions on your intranet should be simple for anyone to control. Interact Intranet’s security makes it easy to control security throughout your intranet.

You can quickly search and assign permissions in every area of your intranet including documents, teams, menus, homepages, intranet administration and more, making it easy to set up and maintain .

intranet permissions


Active Directory Sync made easy

Microsoft Active Directory is one of the most commonly used user management applications in companies worldwide.

Whether you’re a company with one domain, or an enterprise with three domains in a forest, the Active Directory Sync (LDAP) functionality makes it easy to sync all your user information directly into Interact Intranet ensuring all everything is kept up to date.

Multi-brand? …Not a problem

Many companies have offices in different locations, and some with offices spread all over the world.

The multi-brand feature in Interact Intranet makes it easy to create different homepages, menus and content for each location ensuring your intranet meets your users needs, wherever they are.



No more forgotten passwords

In a world of web-based applications, remembering endless usernames and passwords can be tricky.

Interact Intranet supports single sign-on (SSO) through Microsoft Windows Authentication and Active Directory, ensuring your users are seamlessly logged into their intranet.


No reliance on IT

It used to be the case that setting security permissions was an IT task, which often caused frustration and inefficiency.

The easy to use security in Interact Intranet ensures the people you trust can maintain your intranet with no technical knowledge, saving valuable time.

Protect Confidential Information

The powerful security ensures your content remains confidential through your intranet.

Users will never be presented with information they do not have access to see, no matter what they access.

Security Based on your Company Structure

Every company has a different hierarchy and Interact Intranet’s flexible security mechanism can adapt to any structure.

Permissions are easily set not just for people but also different companies, departments, locations, teams or groups, making it easy to set up and manage your intranet access.

No ‘Access Denied’

There’s nothing more frustrating then seeing information you want then being denied access.

Interact Intranet ensures secure content is hidden from view, making sure your users never feel let down or mistrusted.

What our customers are saying

For publishers just a quick overview of the intranet is needed - they are ready to upload content within minutes. For the end user, Interact Intranet has a friendly interface that is just like websites that people use every day, so there is no complicated system for them to get used to.

Malcolm Payne

Management Information Manager, American Golf

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