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Intranet People Directory

Find, connect, collaborate and innovate.

The people directory is the heart of any social intranet, helping employees locate their co-workers quickly and ensure collaboration is made easy.

Find People Quickly

Powerful profile filters such as name, department, location, expertise and interest rapidly narrow down search results and the time it takes to find the co-worker needed.

The search results also provide an instant overview of employees’ contact details, giving you a faster way to get the contact information you need.

Interact People Directory

Intranet Presence

Interact Has Presence

Knowing instantly which colleagues are available to countersign a document or answer a question helps to reduce frustration and save time. Interact’s ‘Presence’ functionality gives an instantly updated view of the colleagues who can deal with task requests in a timely fashion.

Locate Expertise and Save Time

The People Directory is not solely used to locate co-workers you know, but can also be used to find those colleagues you don’t know! Find people who have the expertise and skill set you need for a particular project or task.

Interact People Directory

Intelligent Suggestions

Intelligent Suggestions Improve Productivity

Interact’s Intelligence Store suggests people to follow who have similar skills and interests, fostering collaboration and improving productivity.

Improve Knowledge Sharing in your Company

With the Endorse functionality, co-workers can validate each other’s claims, giving credibility to their knowledge and expertise in relation to the organisation.

Interact skill endorsement

Interact Intranet People Directory

Collaborate and Innovate

Post comments on co-workers’ profile pages, including dynamic links and attachments. You can decide if these posts are made private or public. Other users can easily contribute to the conversation – a great way to create transparency and drive innovation.

Connect with Colleagues

Anyone in the People Directory can be followed, connecting your timeline to theirs so you can share their comments and activities and never miss out on what your colleagues are involved with.

Adapts to your needs

Create and add additional searchable fields into everyone’s profile as dictated by organisational need – first aiders, project officers, fire wardens, you decide!

Reward success

Motivate people and increase morale with Interact Rewards. Turn on this peer-to-peer recognition and allow people to ‘Reward’ each other for work done above and beyond the call of duty.


What our customers are saying

“The People Directory is so useful - it not only lets us search for details on a specific person, but we’re now able to view entire teams in one go. We use the Skills and Interest tabs to locate people for particular events or projects bringing huge benefits

Wendy Jordan

Internal Communications Coordinator, Glasgow Housing Association

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