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Intranet Homepages

Flexible, attractive and intelligent homepages relevant to people’s work.

Your intranet’s homepages are the most valuable part of your intranet. People will use your intranet to get work done, so you must make homepages count by ensuring they contain relevant, up-to-date and targeted content.

Quick and Easy to Create

Interact’s Homepage Manager makes the creation of these homepages quick and easy with tools like ‘drag and drop’ and one click resize.


Drag and drop intranet homepage

Interact intelligiently suggests content

Intelligent Communications

Widgets like Interact Suggests use Interact’s Intelligence Store to present users with content tailored to their individual requirements.


A Dashboard of Productivity and Social

Select from over 20 different widgets to place on your homepage.

The Timeline Widget ensures people are aware of the work activity of those around them in a non-intrusive way, along with process driven content such as Mandatory Read documents.


Interact Intranet homepages

Move people from email to your intranet

Move People Away from E-Mails

Take your company’s collective intelligence out of the inbox, where it is lost and forgotten and give it a place on centre stage through Micro-blogging. Retain vital business knowledge and encourage involvement  in a searchable and transparent way.

Adapts to Your Device

Interact’s innovative responsive design will adjust the page to fit the device you are using – regardless of whether it’s a PC, Mac, Tablet or iPhone, there are no design barriers to getting work done.


Intranet for enterprises

Created for Dispersed Workforce

Targeted communications based on location ensure intelligent content and social filtering, guaranteeing that people are able to get work done efficiently.

What our customers are saying

The dynamic homepage on our intranet means that it is constantly changing as new content is added or when the page refreshes according to the particular users profile and activities, giving people more confidence and encouraging them to come back and interact more.

Charlotte Borthwick

Internal Communications Executive, G4S

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