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Intranet Discussion Forums

The cornerstone to collaboration within your intranet.

Interact Discussion Forums make it simple for employees to communicate, share ideas and collaborate throughout your company.

Read our story on the making of intelligent discussion forums.

Improved Knowledge Retention

Intranet Forums are one of the most effective ways of tapping into the knowledge, expertise and ideas from across your company. Interact brings a multitude of optimum forum features, including the brand new Idea’s List that is essential in quickly uncovering valuable ideas and involving the support of others with instant voting.


Reduction in duplication of effort

Reduction in Duplication of Effort

Put an end to answering the same question repeatedly. Forum posts are easily located within the search and on homepage timelines.

Improved Innovation

Provide a topic-based area for surfacing ideas and offer a simple way to vote and take action as a result.

Improved innovation on your intranet

Easy tools

Easy Tools to Unlock Answers and Ideas

The discussion forums in Interact are great for promoting productivity and unlocking information. Tools such as invite, share and like and help to involve the people that have answers and ideas.

Strengthen Knowledge Sharing

The Discussion Forums in Interact reinforce the knowledge sharing goal in two ways:

  1. Increasing adoption by making it easier for ground-level users to become involved with discussions and simplify the creation and moderation of forums.
  2. Improving the relevance and quality of employee created content within discussion forums.

The Discussion Forums in Interact have a clear, simple interface and intuitive features to make it easier for people to communicate, share ideas and collaborate throughout your business.

Interact Intranet Discussion Forums

 Interact Answers - Discussion Forums

Interact Answers – Linking Questions to Experts

A powerful algorithm that takes questions and searches through users’ profiles to present people who are most likely to provide the correct answer based on their profile information.

Multiple Moderators

Reducing the burden of responsibility on the owner by having multiple people monitor the discussion forum

Keep informed with instant alerts

Users have the ability to ‘opt-in’ to receiving alert notifications when a new post is made, ensuring they never miss responses to important forums

@mention employees

If your discussion forum relates to one of your co-workers simply @tag them within a post so they can be notified of the update

What our customers are saying

The Discussion Forums on the Waterstones intranet have become an integral and critical part of our daily processes, constantly saving us time and money and helping to generate a sense of community in a large business of over 4,000 people.

Ayesha Graves

Intranet Coordinator, Waterstones

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