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Connect and unify all your business applications

Bring together all your business platforms and applications for a truly centralized digital workplace

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Third party integrations

Give your employees visibility over what’s happening both in and outside your organization and introduce a variety of media to your intranet. Interact can embed 3rd party feeds from such popular platforms as:

Interact brings together business platforms on your intranet for a truly centralized digital workplace
Skype for business on interact Intranet software

Communicate quicker with Instant Messaging

Get your employees talking. Interact integrates with major Instant Messaging (IM) platforms using the SIP protocol, enabling your users to communicate and collaborate in real time from within your intranet. Find colleagues and make calls direct from your intranet People Directory, ensuring everyone in your business is connected, no matter where they are.

Considering SharePoint as a document management system?

Discover how Interact seamlessly integrates with SharePoint to allow for full collaboration and communication functionality alongside the intelligent search of SharePoint DMS

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