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Effortless and relevant communication

Interact’s intelligent intranet software makes is easy for employees to communicate effectively across multiple locations, departments and teams.

Interact Homepage Manager

Your homepage is the window to your intranet, which is why it’s vital to keep information current and engaging. With Interact Homepage Manager you don’t need developer support to create and update your homepage. Build your page from a selection of over 20 widgets, from Timeline to Gallery, drag and drop content, and resize elements in one click.

intranet homepage drag and drop

Tailored Homepages

Target communications and ensure people only see content that’s relevant to them, for example based on location, to ensure people only see content that’s relevant to them. This helps increase engagement in the intranet and gives employees the right tools and information they need to get their job done.

multiple locations

Improve Employee Collaboration

Our free guide on Improving Employee Collaboration is packed full of helpful advice on ways you can maximise knowledge sharing and productivity amongst your employees. Including tips on how to align collaboration to business objectives, overcoming engagement barriers, and how to best select the right blend of tools for your users, this guide can help you transform the way your business works.

Blogging Tool

Extend the reach of your internal knowledge sharing and encourage breakthrough thinking and innovation through bottom-up communication via your intranet, with the Interact Blogging tool. Create a social environment that enables staff to connect in an informal and ‘real-time’ environment, and break expertise out of small self-contained groups into the wider organisation.

intranet blogging tool

Interact Timeline

Give your employees familiar and intuitive tools that they will want to work with, with the Interact Timeline. A familiar concept in social tools outside of the workplace, the Timeline provides a platform for collaboration, as well as presenting intelligently tailored content to help get work done – fast.


Content Management

Fresh and engaging content is key to whether your intranet will fail or flourish, so it’s vital that adding and editing content can be done with ease. Interact provides an intuitive CMS, including a ‘WYSYWIG’ editor, that allows non-technical users to create attractive and engaging pages with minimal training.

Intranet CMS

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