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Interact Intranet vs SharePoint

Everything you need to know about intranets in one place

SharePoint may meet your IT objectives – but does it meet your business objectives?


Interact has 14 years of developing and deploying successful intranets, and is a real SharePoint alternative. A lot of SharePoint implementers don’t have dedicated intranet consultants, they just have the technical skills. As Interact Intranet is easy to deploy and your professional service investment will ensure;

  • Great Intranet governance
  • Successful Intranet architecture
  • Your intranet launch is successful

What our customers are saying

The barriers SharePoint presented are now a thing of the past – Interact is easy to set up, easy to administer, flexible and gives users the power to collaborate, developing new ideas and making the most of the expertise across our business. Easily configurable modules and widgets, first class support and regular software updates has given us an intranet that exceeds our expectations.

Jason Comer


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