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How long does it take to build content on your new intranet?


Whether you’re considering a new intranet or your project is already underway, understanding how long – and how much resource - it will take to review, migrate and build content on your intranet will ensure you’re fully prepared. This free interactive content calculator is designed to help.

Simply enter a few basic details, and this calculator will provide a realistic estimate of:

  • How long it will take you to migrate your content: if you know how much resource you have available, Interact’s content calculator will give you a realistic timescale for getting content reviewed, updated and built. Ideal for project planning.
  • How much resource you need: if you have a deadline to work to and want to understand how much resource you’ll need to get content migration completed on time, the content calculator will estimate how many people you’ll need for each stage of content migration. Ideal to support your business case for resource, or when planning your own intranet project team.

Ensure you’re prepared. Get your free content build calculator today.

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