How to effectively communicate change within your organisation

How you choose to communicate change in your organisation plays a key role in determining its success

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Britain is changing. A snap election gamble failed to deliver the strong majority Theresa May promised, and Brexit negotiations are set to start. With this level of uncertainty, the question of ‘what will this mean for me?’ will most likely be in the minds of a large portion of your employees.

Responding to the results of an Interact survey, this eBook evaluates how best to maximise the success of your change communications by:

  • Managing the timing of delivery
  • Implementing an efficient process to maximise reach and limit resistance
  • Determining the correct content and tone of your key message
  • Adopting a multi-faceted approach across multiple channels
  • Ensuring a two-way communication process

Guard against the dangers of poor change communication and its repercussions on your organisation. Download the latest from our eBook series today.

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