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impact of managers

The impact of managers on workplace engagement and productivity

By James Foster, March 16, 2017

We all know the mantra: people leave managers, not companies. The role of the manager in the workplace is perhaps the most significant in terms of impact on organizational performance. Managers have the most direct influence on employees they line manage. They carry the responsibility for aligning the performance of their department and its staff ... read more

employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy: 5 steps to get your employees promoting your brand

By Becki Hall, March 6, 2017

What is employee advocacy? I think it’s best in this situation to start with a clear and relevant example of what it’s not. In the last few weeks, transportation tech giant Uber has become embroiled in a sensational tale of appalling workplace culture that kicked off when an ex-employee wrote a blog post about her ... read more

cost of collaboration

The hidden cost of collaboration: Someone saying something bad is not your biggest worry

By Nigel Williams, March 3, 2017

Stop worrying about what people might say…worry about what they aren’t.   So, you’re sat in front of your execs, ready to pitch. Your weeks of planning to bring your organization into the 21st century and ignite internal collaboration is looking polished. You’ve researched the options, you’ve identified your ideal vendor and platform, you’ve weighed up ... read more

employee engagement ideas

15 employee engagement ideas to try in 2017

By Becki Hall, February 27, 2017

The research that drove Gallup to write their original report on the State of the American Workplace was conducted nearly ten years ago. That’s the report that says only about 30% of workers in the U.S. are engaged and that engagement costs companies between $450 and 550 billion each year. If you’re in communications or ... read more

employee ideas

10 simple steps to get great ideas from your employees

By Becki Hall, February 20, 2017

In 1968, 3M employee Spencer Silver was trying to develop a super strong adhesive when he accidentally came up short. Despite pitching the resulting light adhesive for years, it took until 1974 before colleague Art Fry spotted the potential, to hold a bookmark in place in his hymnbook. In 1980, the Post-it note was born. ... read more

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