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The question which engages disinterested departments with your intranet

By Nigel Williams, September 10, 2013

Most of us have a part of our intranet which makes us go ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! We are also likely to have ‘that’ Content Administrator who is always “too busy”, “it’s not part of my main job” or “I’ll do it soon”…which never comes. The chances are that Content Administrator’s content area is our ARGGGGGGHHHH! part, coming ... read more

10 Things Every Intranet Should Have

By Sara Burgess, September 5, 2013

Free 42 page guide on planning and deploying your intranet Download your free intranet guide These are 10 things every intranet should have to ensure a healthy, vital, essential intranet that engages people, supports their daily activities, reflects the company ethos and ultimately and helps people get work done. This is the vision and should be the ... read more

Collaboration on the Intranet

By Michael Sampson, September 2, 2013

In October last year I was in Europe to present a range of workshops, and due to a last minute schedule change was also able to attend and present at Interaction 2012 on The Dangers of Pushing Collaboration Too Far. In a month I will be leaving my office and home in New Zealand to ... read more

A SMART Intranet in Every Company

By Courtney Hunt, August 15, 2013

When Herbert Hoover was running for President of the United States in 1928, one of the ad campaigns included the slogan, “A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage.” As a digital technology advocate, I am motivated to fulfil a comparable Digital Era promise, namely… A (SMART) Intranet in Every Organization I have ... read more

From Engagement to Empowerment: Connecting Employees, Strategy and Brand Communication

By Rebecca Richmond, July 1, 2013

Rebecca is the COO at Melcrum – a privately held research and training business, that is the leading authority on best practice, emerging trends and strategy in internal communication. She leads the company’s global operations strategy and will be speaking at Interaction 2013, Europe’s largest intranet conference. “I’m really excited to be joining Interact at Interaction ... read more

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