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Rethink your intranet

By Janus Boye, September 8, 2014

While websites have travelled inside the organisation, from IT to communications and then onwards to marketing, intranets remain stuck between IT and communications at best; orphaned at worst. Who cares about who owns the intranet you might ask? This really matters because it takes serious and engaged owners to push innovation and to tap into ... read more

How to make your intranet worthy of trust

By William Amurgis, August 26, 2014

How to make your intranet worthy of trust According to the Great Places to Work Institute, which compiles the annual list of the Best Companies to Work For, trust is “the defining principle of great workplaces.” When my former company conducted a comprehensive internal survey a few years ago, the corporate intranet was ranked as ... read more

Building an online community

Building an online community – 5 phases of successful growth

By Nigel Williams, June 9, 2014

Building an online community – 5 phases of successful growth The conversation has shifted in recent years from should we have an online community to how effective is our online community. Almost every business is using online communities, whether to build rapport with customers or suppliers, drive self-service or internally to derive employee collaboration; many ... read more

Improve business productivity

Use your intranet to improve business productivity

By Sara Burgess, May 13, 2014

Online forms provide incredible benefits to improve business productivity. Not only do they reduce errors and frustration, improve efficiency and save money in day-to-day processes, they also draw people onto your intranet, increasing adoption and helping to get work done. Interact’s Workflow and Forms application is very simple to use and so flexible almost any ... read more

Maximise your time

Not all great intranets have full time intranet managers – 8 techniques to maximise your time

By Nigel Williams, May 8, 2014

There is a misconception that intranet award winners tend to have large intranet teams or are even full time intranet managers. In most cases they bought their intranet to solve a need or objective and as they used it, have found it an effective way to solve problems and inefficiencies in their business and as a ... read more

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