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social in the workplace

Why does your business need social technology?

By Alexandria Nelson, November 17, 2017

Since the development and advancement of social media tools and technologies in this era, there has been a noticeable shift in the world of work and business. Defined by Gartner as, “Any technology that facilitates social interactions and is enabled by a communications capability, such as the internet or a mobile device,” social technology encompasses ... read more

prevent employees from leaving

5 ways to prevent your best employees from leaving

By Helen Eagleton, November 14, 2017

When it comes to keeping your employee turnover rate as low as possible, financial compensation isn’t the only variable to consider. Studies continue to show us that employee satisfaction is based on a wide variety of factors ranging from the workplace environment to advancement opportunities. Even if your company offers competitive wages, you must still ... read more

make office work more interesting

5 Ways to Make Office Work More Interesting

By Gemma Reeves, November 10, 2017

“Work hard, play hard” is a phrase that is frequently used as a motto, in life, and especially in business. BrightHR’s study of 2,000 employees, conducted by Professor Sir Cary Cooper, has shown that incorporating fun into the workplace can have countless good effects including reduced stress, lower turnover rates and increased productivity. The concept of ... read more

blind recruitment

What is blind recruitment, and is it effective?

By Francesca Vickers, October 27, 2017

Back in 2016, we rounded up the top 5 recruiting trends to watch out for in 2017. From AI to the power of social media, 2017 has transported us one step closer to a fully-realized digital workplace. As we edge towards the end of the year, we begin to look ahead to 2018 and consider ... read more

organizational change

5 ways to stop organizational change from turning employees into pessimists

By Alexandria Nelson, October 26, 2017

We all know the saying, “change is inevitable”; business is no exception. As a corporation grows throughout time, it is expected that they will go through some sort of organizational change, whether it be in management, business model or something entirely different. Change in any capacity isn’t easy, and it can have a measurable impact ... read more

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