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Your 9 part intranet governance checklist

By Michelle Baillie, April 27, 2016

You can’t fault an enthusiastic workforce when it comes to embedding an intranet. The silver bullet solution your shiny new intranet is perceived to be, solving all organisational ills, is great… but what happens when that enthusiasm turns your staff into hoarders? Or intranet Bridezillas who’ve just got to have everything NOW! At that point ... read more

Intranets: Are they still relevant?

Intranets: Are they still relevant?

By Ben Kulakofsky, April 15, 2016

Are intranets still relevant? Media hype may have you believe the answer is no, but when 175 internal communications and HR professionals were asked that question in a recent webinar poll, 100% answered, “Yes.” So why do we continue asking the question, when it’s clear that those who spend the most time using intranets still ... read more

5 steps to uncovering the hidden knowledge in your organization

5 steps to uncovering the hidden knowledge in your organization

By Ben Kulakofsky, April 8, 2016

The extent to which companies now capture and learn from user data is incredible. Think of Netflix’s recommendation tool or, even more impressive, the 2.5 petabytes of data Walmart reportedly collected each hour from customer transactions in 2012 (2.5 petabytes is roughly equivalent to 50 million filing cabinets of text). With all that knowledge floating ... read more

How to get the best out of your blogs

How to get the best out of your blogs

By Nish Riaz, March 10, 2016

For us at Metropolitan, reading blogs from colleagues sharing their experiences, insights and views from both their work and personal life has probably been one of the best features of our new intranet since it’s launch over a year ago. From a regular Chief Exec blog occupying the widget space, we’re now in a position where ... read more

7 ways to manage and display your intranet content

By Nigel Williams, March 2, 2016

We spend most of our time discussing the social and interactive elements of an intranet and the benefits these features bring in terms of productivity, engagement and bottom line. Of course we haven’t forgotten that an intranet still needs to perform as an efficient document management system, and a home for all your processes, policies ... read more

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