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5 reasons your IC content must focus on employees – not managers

By Nigel Williams, May 17, 2017

When creating an internal communications plan – or, indeed, any business strategy – it’s our natural inclination to cater to the needs and priorities of our decision-makers. They hold the purse strings; they dictate the direction and priorities for the business. What they say, goes. However, while catering what we call the ‘HiPPO’ – that ... read more

challenges of the digital workplace

Employee experience, AI, drones, and getting HR onboard: Interaction event explores the challenges of the Digital Workplace

By Becki Hall, May 12, 2017

Interact welcomed attendees and speakers to 30 Euston Square this Wednesday, 10th May for its 10th annual intranet and internal communications conference. 85 delegates gathered in the heart of London to explore current trends and challenges surrounding the Digital Workplace, with guest presentations from Sam Marshall (Clearbox Consulting), Angela Ashenden (MWD Advisors), Mike Ryan (Fusion ... read more

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How to create an intranet business case

By Scott Hitchins, May 10, 2017

Building or purchasing a company intranet comes at a cost. There’s no hiding behind this fact: and when it comes to securing buy-in from senior management, cost can prove a sticking point. To prove that investment is justified – rather than simply ‘nice to have’ – you need to demonstrate clearly the return an intranet ... read more

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What content do I need on my intranet?

By Becki Hall, May 2, 2017

Whether you have an existing intranet in need of an overhaul, are setting out on your first intranet project or you’re looking to build a business case for a new intranet, the question, ‘what content do we need on our intranet?’ is one of the core concerns for any intranet manager. The power of content. ... read more

measuring internal comms

Is it working? Measuring internal comms success

By James Foster, April 18, 2017

The variety of communications channels and forms of content available is greater than ever. With social media alone encompassing high content volume platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is huge competition for consumer attention. When you start to factor in tools designed for the digital working environment, it becomes clear that for your ... read more

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