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what is ux

What is UX – and why does it matter to internal comms?

By Becki Hall, November 24, 2017

Employees are the new customer. For those of us working in internal comms, this means many of the challenges faced by consumer marketers and communicators are ringing true for audiences inside the business. We’re battling the challenges of digital noise, short attention spans, and rising expectations of our technology. We’ve evolved from a function for ... read more

Who’s responsible for your Internal comms

Who’s responsible for your internal comms? – The changing role of HR in advocating the use of digital in the workplace

By Alexandria Nelson, November 7, 2017

We expect our HR departments to be a jack of all trades. They’re managing change daily, establishing and maintaining company culture, engaging both employees and leaders – all major factors impacting a company’s bottom line. They’re also onboarding new starters, safeguarding against risk, rolling out performance management or L&D programs, and managing remote staff. In ... read more

internal comms storytelling

Storytelling: an internal comms weapon for success

By Alexandria Nelson, October 23, 2017

How the age-old tradition of telling tales could transform your internal comms strategy “Once upon a time…” is an age-old adage that lives within many of our childhood memories. We would sit in our chairs or lay in our beds captivated as we listened, word after word, to the stories and adventures of others without ... read more

intranet professional services

Software alone is not enough: the role of professional services in creating a winning intranet

By Tim Gough, October 20, 2017

In a digital world of automation and updates, it’s easy to think a new intranet will take on the role of an internal communications and engagement version of the Terminator: rampaging through your organization, enforcing immediate engagement on all who stands in its path. The bad news is, an intranet isn’t sent from the future. ... read more

global collaboration

How do you achieve collaboration on a global scale? The IIE story

By Becki Hall, October 18, 2017

How do you unite a global workforce? International education leader IIE took on the challenge. Here’s how they succeeded. A world leader in international education, IIE enables knowledge to transcend borders and provides encouragement for the global exchange of ideas. Its mission is to “help people and organizations leverage the power of international education to ... read more

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