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Interact Live Events And Webinars


Interact is accepting speaker and topic proposals for our live events and webinars for professionals involved in internal communications and HR across the US & UK.

Interact is a recognized thought leader in the fields of internal communications and HR, regularly speaking at a range of leading global events and conferences on topics such as employee engagement, collaborative working and the value of positive employee experiences in the digital workplace.

Internally, we also facilitate a range of events to continually educate and innovate, running an average of 24 webinars and over 20 seminars annually, alongside our own networking events and internal communications conferences.

Our success has translated into global reach across the internal communications and HR community, offering an exciting opportunity for individuals or organizations seeking to build their own brand presence and connect with like-minded professionals. If you are interested in joining us, please leave your details below.

Please note: Interact does not currently offer speaker fees.


Emma Bramwell
Marketing Manager, UK

Interact – the intelligent intranet

t: @intranetexperts

Felicia Lorenzo
Marketing Manager, USA

Interact – the intelligent intranet

t: @intranetexperts

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