Guest blogging for Interact

The Interact blog brings you all the latest trends in Communications, Tech and HR, with great content pushed out to our 6,000 Twitter followers and over 11.5K Facebook followers. We’re always on the lookout for great contributors to join us in spreading the latest news, trends and highlights!

If you have something you’d like to shout about or share and are keen to reach a large audience of HR, Comms and Tech enthusiasts, the Interact blog is the right place for you.

Interested in submitting some content? Please take the time to review our guest blogger guidelines.

Our guidelines should help answer any questions you have about who we write for, what kind of content we’re looking for and any of the nitty gritty details about submitting a blog post.

Basics about our blog


Global Audience

Our readers come from around the globe, but particularly the UK & US


Content Streams

Our reader interests typically fall into one of 3 categories: Comms, HR and Tech.


Social Sharing

We promote our guest bloggers across multiple social media channels and offer backlinks to your own site

What should I write about?

We’re interested in any key themes, trends or discussions that will engage our readers – anything that can teach our audience something new or interesting! The range is broad, so bring your imagination and creativity. Some ideas to get you started include:

– Top or interesting trends in your industry or field
– New developments, innovations or technology
– Your take or review on any industry events, conferences or seminars
– Challenges you face in your role or industry (and hopefully, how you’ve overcome them!)
– How you’ve achieved particular goals or objectives
– Top tips and advice for others in your sector or industry
– New research, reports or news
– Opinion pieces – your thoughts on what’s happening in your industry

Ready to blog?

Ready and raring to go? If we’ve not spoken to you before, please take a minute to email our Content Team at and say hello. Let us know who you are, where you’re from and what you’re thinking about writing about. A member of our team will be in touch!