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measuring internal comms

Is it working? Measuring internal comms success

By James Foster, April 18, 2017

The variety of communications channels and forms of content available is greater than ever. With social media alone encompassing high content volume platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is huge competition for consumer attention. When you start to factor in tools designed for the digital working environment, it becomes clear that for your ... read more

organizational design

Supporting organizational design: the role of social technology

By Becki Hall, April 12, 2017

92% of senior executives and HR leaders rate organizational redesign – the process of aligning the structure of an organization to business objectives and realities – as a key priority, according to research published by Deloitte. A shift is underway, triggering the need to adapt and evolve to survive the most challenging work environment yet. ... read more

communication concerns

Top Communication Concerns For Home Workers…And How To Rectify Them

By Sally Keys, April 11, 2017

With the constant evolution of technology, it’s unsurprising to learn that the number of people opting to work from home has risen steadily over the last decade. Now, research from Beta News suggests that 45% of American employees are telecommuting and working from home. This can be a practical and convenient way to work that allows employees ... read more

employee morale

Employee morale is a year-round priority

By Emma Bramwell, April 7, 2017

The clocks have gone forward. The nights are lighter. Q1 is over, taking ‘high turnover January’ with it, and business is doing well. Generally, your employees seem happier and motivated, so improving staff morale isn’t a current high priority for you…right? Wrong. Engaging employees and boosting morale is a constant challenge and implementing a strategy ... read more

employee experience

Designing a winning employee experience: 5 tips to try

By Becki Hall, April 5, 2017

It can not only help attract and retain talent in a competitive market, but also ensure you fully optimize both individual and collective potential. The experience you deliver for employees, put simply, has a huge impact on how well they, and you as an organization, perform. For this reason, employees are increasingly being recognized as ... read more

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