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onboarding remote workers

Tips for onboarding remote employees the right way

By Jen McKenzie, May 24, 2017

Working remotely is an increasingly popular concept for both employees and employers. Employees benefit from being able to work from the comfort of their home and avoid a time-consuming commute, while employers benefit from reduced overheads, less intensive management or oversight required, greater productivity from the worker and more. If you are thinking about hiring ... read more

online brand

How to design a great online brand – starting with your employees

By Patrick Foster, May 23, 2017

A company’s brand is so much more than a fancy logo or a wacky color scheme. At its heart, great branding is about relationships – both with your customers and your employees. A business is only as creative, innovative and inspiring as the people behind it, driving the engine. They can reinforce your mission and ... read more

agile roll-out

5 Lessons to Learn from Agile Roll-Out Success Stories

By Becki Hall, May 18, 2017

Agile development – like so many other major undertakings – can seem like a great idea on paper, but turn into one that’s surprisingly difficult to execute. Part of this challenge occurs because Agile, as executed by its many supporting methodologies, seems to require an “all-in” effort. Indeed, the four core beliefs of the Agile ... read more

ic content

5 reasons your IC content must focus on employees – not managers

By Nigel Williams, May 17, 2017

When creating an internal communications plan – or, indeed, any business strategy – it’s our natural inclination to cater to the needs and priorities of our decision-makers. They hold the purse strings; they dictate the direction and priorities for the business. What they say, goes. However, while catering what we call the ‘HiPPO’ – that ... read more

challenges of the digital workplace

Employee experience, AI, drones, and getting HR onboard: Interaction event explores the challenges of the Digital Workplace

By Becki Hall, May 12, 2017

Interact welcomed attendees and speakers to 30 Euston Square this Wednesday, 10th May for its 10th annual intranet and internal communications conference. 85 delegates gathered in the heart of London to explore current trends and challenges surrounding the Digital Workplace, with guest presentations from Sam Marshall (Clearbox Consulting), Angela Ashenden (MWD Advisors), Mike Ryan (Fusion ... read more

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