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Haydn Smith

What are the most popular requirements for a successful intranet?

By Haydn Smith, April 15, 2014

At Interact Intranet we are very lucky to work with some brilliant customers who are achieving great success across the world with their intranets. Talking with hundreds of different businesses each year allows us get insight into how they are improving the way they work and the results they are achieving through their use of a…

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Rachel Lewis

Define your intranet requirements the smart way

By Rachel Lewis, April 1, 2014

Have you decided that you need an intranet, or social business tool, and better internal communications, but you’re not sure what the next steps are? Follow this blog for a step by step plan to a complete understanding of your intranet requirements. 1. Consider all of your stakeholder’s objectives Time should be spent considering the…

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Rachel Lewis

Use your intranet to engage volunteers and remote workers

By Rachel Lewis, March 24, 2014

Geoff Garcia, of March of Dimes, winner of the 2013 Interact Community Influence Award will be doing an online tour of his intranet, ‘Dimension’ to demonstrate great ways you can use your intranet to engage your volunteers and remote workers. March of Dimes is a non-profit in America who support the health of mums and…

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Scott Hitchins

The hidden costs of SharePoint

By Scott Hitchins, March 17, 2014

There’s no doubt that Microsoft SharePoint has been a huge success for Microsoft with over one hundred million licenses sold in its history.  However, these facts mask the truth about the failed return on investment for many companies, with many discovering the hidden costs of SharePoint during and post implementation. There have been too many…

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Scott Hitchins

SXSW Review 2014

By Scott Hitchins, March 12, 2014

For those who’ve never attended this event, SXSW is one of the leading events showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity, featuring compelling presentations and panels from the brightest minds in emerging technology. Having learnt so much during SXSW 2013 it made sense to attend again. And this time I was joined by Simon…

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Rachel Lewis

Connect with our Interact Intranet Strategist, Kelly Freeman

By Rachel Lewis, February 25, 2014

We thought it was time you had the opportunity to meet Kelly Freeman, one of our amazing Intranet Strategists who is continually travelling around the UK & Europe to support our customers in getting the most out of their intranet. I asked Kelly a few questions about herself to get some insight into her role…

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Emma Bramwell

Housing Intranet Success with Glasgow Housing Association & Together Housing

By Emma Bramwell, February 24, 2014

Interact Intranet enables Housing Associations across the UK to achieve the intranet success they aspire to. This week, two successful Intranet Managers from the Housing industry will share the secrets to their intranet success. They will discuss how they achieved intranets which are essential to their business with limited time and resources, whilst balancing the…

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Kelly Freeman

Email: the rock that blunts your collaborative scissors

By Kelly Freeman, February 19, 2014

Email. We all have it, we all use it and without a doubt it’s revolutionised the way we work. If you’re as old as me then you’ll remember working life before email (the 9-5 day, faxing, telephoning) and you’ll remember the excitement of sending and receiving your first emails and the impact it had on…

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Nigel Williams

Should trust be a prerequisite for a social intranet?

By Nigel Williams, February 13, 2014

Collaboration has the potential to massively enhance productivity and retention in your organisation. However this potential is often trapped by executives who fear what employees will use a social intranet for. Leading to the belief that employees need to earn trust to deserve having social tools. The biggest flaw in this logic is actually discovering…

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Sarah Guest

7 reasons to love Interact Intranet 7.3

By Sarah Guest, February 5, 2014

Last week we launched Interact Intranet 7.3, which is focused on helping companies release the power of social in their business. This latest Interact Intranet software release is perfectly timed with the recent revelation by Nielson Norman Group, that the world’s best intranets are now fully embracing, encouraging and even rewarding social activity by employees….

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