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V. Mary Abraham

Making Better Choices

V. Mary Abraham May 20, 2015

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Ludwig van Beethoven and you have in common besides talent and intellect? The 24-hour day. Each day we make choices about how we will spend our time. And those choices determine our output and impact. Here is the underlying truth. We all operate within constraints — whether it is the…

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Icon - Planning and Deploying a Successful Intranet

Planning & Deploying
a Successful Intranet

52 page guide that tells you everything you need to know about planning and deploying a successful, user centric intranet within your company.


Icon - Building an Intranet Business Case

Building an Intranet
Business Case

Get help gaining buy-in and budget from key decision makers for a new intranet with this free word document template that has been created by our intranet strategists.


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Employee Collaboration

Find out in this new guide key ways to enhance collaboration with intranet software that maximises knowledge sharing and productivity amongst employees.


Interact in the press

"Interact Intranet voted as the top intranet software alternative to SharePoint in a poll with Intranet Professionals. Of the respondents, almost half use a different solution to SharePoint, with Interact Intranet topping the list of the alternatives."

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"Interact bills Interact 7 as the intelligent intranet, and really, that sounds just about right. Interact Intranet 7 is built around the tools people need to find people, files and documents they need, and to keep appraised of the projects they're involved with. The people directory includes tools like endorsements for building up a skills matrix and presence that tells people when their colleagues are online in real time."

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"The launch of Interact 7 sets a pretty high bar in the emerging world of smart intranets, and pits the firm against competitors much greater in size. What makes Interact 7 stand out is that it is an intranet system that is designed to rethink first-generation intranets and bring relevance to the fore."

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"Interact customer, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatiric AIDS Foundation is named as a winner in the CIO Awards for demonstrating the 'Transformative Power of IT and Business' with their intranet, Crossroads. Crossroads enables employees to share best practices, advanced searching and a section for comments, blogs and discussions, which builds relationships across cultures.

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"Employees who use technology such as an intranet - get work done. Tools need to be easy to use and resemble the social media actions employees make in their daily lives; liking, sharing or hashtagging. All these are one-click steps to catalyse knowledge sharing and collaboration."

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"Interact offers an out-of-the-box social intranet software platform with broad capabilities, including team workspaces, collaboration and intelligent communications, as well as substantial support for process modeling (through electronic forms, workflows and tasks). "Intelligent" content algorithms help to focus communications. Version 7 of Interact Intranet provides simplified deployment and usage with cloud-based self-service or on-premises hosting options."

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